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Truth About Most WhatsApp Marketing Service Providers [Read Before You Buy!]

I am going to be very honest & transparent to you in this post, talking about how most of the WhatsApp marketing companies, service providers, vendors, and resellers are selling WhatsApp Marketing & Promotion Service across the globe.

And if you are planning to purchase service from any vendor. You should definitely read this post from starting till the end!

Truth be told, I have been into providing WhatsApp Marketing as a service to my clients, myself. And it might sound like I might be exaggerating few things. But, frankly. NO.

This is how many of the people either into WhatsApp Marketing, Blasting, or Advertising or heck promotions you might want to call it. Operate in majority of the countries.

So, here’s how it works…

People have now made web based WhatsApp marketing panel, which they operate to sell people WhatsApp marketing credits.

The part when it comes to delivering the original number of campaigns, varies a lot…I mean a lot!

Most of these companies who provide it as a service either don’t have a robust, scalable, and reliable back-end delivery system to ACTUALLY run the volume of campaigns that they commit, and sell to their clients.

And instead what they will do will be to take your money, exchange credits for that. And then, either fake numbers while running your campaigns, or actually send it few messages vs 1000s that you put up a campaign on for at the first place.

Here’s how to trace whether the company is providing genuine & best quality level WhatsApp Marketing Service or not.

  1. Check whether the web panel is running LIVE or not. It’s not like you will upload and test a panel by sending one message. And the system of theirs is so incompetent that they can’t even send a single message instantly. If someone is really operating a real time web based WhatsApp marketing panel. Then, they SHOULD be able to instantly send the message to the target number instantly using their web system. If not, here’s a red flag.
  2. Check if the WhatsApp numbers are being filtered instantly or not. If the system actually is working online, then the WhatsApp filteration SHOULD happen in real time.
  3. Check if the service provide isn’t ready to commit on 100% delivery. A lot of vendors will say that they will give you 80 to 90% delivery. Well, aaha! They are saying that because firstly, they WON’T actually delivery any campaign and even if they genuinely do. They will ONLY not send the message where you complain the message wasn’t delivered from your list.

Being part of WhatsApp marketing industry. I know we charge a premium, and may be a costlier price point in comparison to 90% of our competitors. And the only reason we are able to charge a high price is because we know what goes inside fulfilling our clients requirement. There is a cost involved in delivering message vs what most of the people think that we will have a system through which we can hack the whole process. But, there isn’t such a fairy tale story behind.

We have to invest money, time, risk, and opportunity cost to get numbers to run the campaigns. And even if we invest money, we still have to look into the down side of losing these channels, the numbers that are used to send the messages.

So, if you find a cheap vendor trying to sell you WhatsApp marketing service or reseller plans & packages. Please watch out for these things.

And yes, if you are looking for a reliable, transparent, and long term quality WhatsApp marketing service provider. Reach us by requesting a call back on this website 😉


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