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WhatsApp Bulk Sender Cracked

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There have been a lot of people who reached out to us asking if we provide the cracked version of WhatsApp Bulk Sender which is one of the only WhatsApp marketing software that is available at the moment which ACTUALLY does works!

Well, we can’t stop people for finding cheaper or free ways to get to utilize this powerful piece of marketing software which not only allows you to send 1000s of WhatsApp marketing messages but also helps you automate the entire WhatsApp marketing process. But, when coming to think of the benefits of getting the ORIGINAL vs CRACKED software here’s the list of honest thoughts:

  1. You risk losing your WhatsApp channels – (Which either takes time to generate if you generate them yourself OR costs a good amount of money to get them made)
  2. You won’t get future updates for the software – WhatsApp keeps on changing their mobile app from time to time. They keep developing & adding more features and security measures. WhatsApp Bulk Sender team has been consistent providing everyone with an updated version. Let’s say even if you get your WhatsApp Bulk Sender cracked version working but since their will be an update now or in future. Your software won’t be supported with newer versions. That leads to losing channels & then again finding a way to get new version.
  3. Crackers & Hackers who steal your channels – There are a lot of people who are pretending to be selling FAKE WhatsApp Bulk Sender in the marketplace promising that they have a working version and then scam people by charging you money for cracked version but giving you a version which steals channels and hacks your computer for other important information on your PC.
  4. It’s not an honest business – It’s scarcity mindset. We and our clients being one of those who are already using WhatsApp Bulk Sender know that if you start utilising the original software then it automatically multiply your money if you use your brains! Why go with a bad karma intention and lose it all. Open your mind. Buy authentic working software!

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Do you have any honest comments? If so, feel free to comment below and we will be happy to discuss.

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WhatsApp Marketing Software

WhatsApp Marketing in Malaysia, Singapore & Hong Kong

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During our last visit in Malaysia, Singapore & Hong Kong in the previous month. And talking to few of the clients based from these countries. We are finally launching our service in these countries with our channel partners.

You can available our WhatsApp marketing services such as WhatsApp marketing software & scripts, along with WhatsApp channels very easily if you are residing in Malaysia, Singapore & Hong Kong.

We believe it will be a great step ahead for us because there is a lot of scope available in these countries where most of the users are using WhatsApp as major & chief source for instant messaging & text messaging using WhatsApp.

If you are looking for WhatsApp marketing in Malaysia, Singapore & Hong Kong. Feel free to contact us anytime with your requirement. has been one of leading providers already all across the globe with providing several WhatsApp marketing solutions by providing various products & services which enables you to run strategic WhatsApp campaigns for your brands & businesses. We have already got clients from more then 30 countries globally and we have been expanding our reach by adding more value & providing quality & trusted partners.

If you wish to become our resellers. Then, let us know.

Here’s the list of some of the resources that you might like on our website to further enhance your knowledge about WhatsApp marketing service:

P.S. Apart from providing our WhatsApp marketing service & products in Malaysia, Singapore & Hong Kong. We also provide WhatsApp marketing in India in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore & Indore. We are also providing services in UAE, Kuwait, Dubai, Mexico, UK, Brazil and many more.

Feel free to connect with us and get started with WhatsApp marketing today!
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WhatsApp Marketing Software

Why WhatsApp Marketing Is Essential Tool For Your Promotional Campaigns

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Example from WhatsApp Marketing Case Study of one of our client which gave us the inspiration to start building WhatsApp marketing software, tools, and solutions for our clients & customers.

When in conversation with a nightclub recently claimed to me that they were generating repeat customers and clients through WhatsApp I was surprised and intrigued because that seemed to me like an amazing thing to do at the time. The owner was essentially going where all their prospects were and wanted to utilise the medium for a way to reach to their target segment.

What they were basically doing were running campaigns on Facebook and asking their prospects to keep the communication over WhatsApp.

Now I understand not every business can sell their product or a service on Facebook. But, I believe many people also miss out the importance of using Facebook & WhatsApp which directly connects with the emotions, intents and urgency that can generate direct calls to your business which equals more clients, more business and of course more profits.

But first, here is why it worked for this particular nightclub owner:

1. They created a simple marketing funnel for their business with robust customer service. They were generating leads from Facebook and then created a backend with these leads where they promoted & advertised using WhatsApp for their upcoming events, gigs and special offers.
2. This completely ensured them that they would not lose their customer because their phone was busy. They received every message & replied back to each one personally.
3. They publicised there WhatsApp Number offline & online. Once, they started this no. as an Official WhatsApp Number using different strategies such as Facebook Marketing, WhatsApp Messaging, Text messaging, promoting it via flyers & creatives. People started trusting, and adding their number in their cell phones.

But, at the same time many businesses have come to realise that atleast in the present point of time WhatsApp is not the best way to build credibility.

That’s because:
1. Not every type of business can afford to provide customer support & resolve their business issues over the WhatsApp. For example, a real estate company cannot provide every details & specifications & try negotiating for a particular property whether that’s rented/sold/to be bought over WhatsApp. They would rather like to talk about it over the phone or a personal meeting.
2. The time to respond on WhatsApp vs other means can be very high. That’s because if you get high volume of customer issues request over WhatsApp then it can be tedious approach to handle so many queries over WhatsApp. Replying each person through personal text messaging without the ability to have templates made for each types of request can be highly difficult.
3. Expecting that your customers will save your number and then request for support over text messaging sometimes sounds unrealistic. They might rather call you up and get over with their questions easily. Better thing to do might be to have a cell number where people can directly call you and even more advance will be to have a virtual number which can route to different team members if your call volumes exceed on specific days so that you can resolve as many people’s issues as you want at the same time.
4. If your prospects, customers & clients have your number then its a great opportunity to showcase your professional image. You can setup a IVR system which provides them step by step guidance according to the kind of business you deal in and hence distributing calls to particular departments.

When we think about any business. There are multiple ways through which you can market your business. And now, with the advent of the internet and mobile users. You have to think about your marketing channels and optimise them with different lead funnels in order to deal with every type of target customers. With more then 80% of the consumers, customers & prospects who deal with businesses over the phone. Businesses these days don’t even understand that they are really missing out on their prospects if they don’t have a robust system to handle queries using the phone, WhatsApp messaging systems, etc. That means even after all the accountability in your particular business you might be losing a fare share of clients & customers which are worth a lot to your marketing efforts & campaigns that you run.

As a business owner. You need to think about how this club owner looked at achieving this for his business. And what are the implications that you have as a take away for your own business.

We will be covering different WhatsApp Marketing Case Studies in the coming future. Do you have one? Feel free to comment below and let us know how you utilized WhatsApp Marketing to build & grow your business.
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WhatsApp Marketing Software

How To Do Marketing Using WhatsApp For Massive Buzz Creation

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WhatsApp is one of the most powerful medium in today’s time for making your events, your business, and your products & services promoted to large no. of people.

The only problem businesses have these days while promoting their products & services on WhatsApp is that you cannot send more then 200 to 300 messages per WhatsApp Number. And that’s the only limitation which stops people from using WhatsApp as a medium for marketing.

But, allows you to exceed this limit and make your WhatsApp Marketing possible on Unlimited numbers!

Now, our Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Panel allows you to market on WhatsApp using a simple to use interface which requires you to upload the list of people you want to market and then click “Start Campaign”. That’s it! You don’t have to sit around with your cell phone and don’t have to market one by one individually on each WhatsApp contacts.

Here are some of the features of our WhatsApp Marketing Automated Software for Bulk Messaging:

  • Ability to send unlimited messages – Imagine able to send unlimited WhatsApp Messaging that too customized according to your customers profile. You have the options to add unlimited WhatsApp Senders (i.e. The WhatsApp number which will be shown while sending the messages to your customers)
  • Ability to send using multiple message types:
    • Text Messages
    • Audio Messages
    • Image Messages
    • Video Messages
    • GPS Locations
    • Contact File
  • Ability to add unlimited senders: Senders are basically the WhatsApp Number that our system uses to send Bulk WhatsApp Messages. You have the option to add unlimited no. of WhatsApp Senders into our system. Allowing you to use your own numbers while sending WhatsApp Messages.
  • Ability to recieve your message replies in our Inbox Panel:  You can track replies of all your marketing campaign and receive all the replies made by your customer in our panel interface allowing you to see responses and also reply them automatically using custom tagging for auto-replies.
  • Ability to manage of your WhatsApp contacts in Groups:  You can manage different campaigns from the same panel because you can segment different contact lists and make them managed in Groups. Allowing you to seperate lists, merge them and other features which are required to keep different list for different contacts.
  • Ability to customize your WhatsApp messages: You can modify for messages based on a default template that you can create individually for each campaign. And also define values, contact names, and customize the message using our easy to use interface. Not only can you customize each contact’s name but also add other values like date, time, and any such relevant information that can change in each messages.
  • Inbuilt Affiliate or Reseller Panel with integrated Payment Gateway option: Our panel allows you to sell/resell WhatsApp Marketing messages to different clients using our reseller panel option. You can create users under your main admin account. Create different packages based on pricing and no. of bulk messages credit. Dedicate WhatsApp Sender for particular clients. Allowing you to give your clients an option to upload their contacts and send WhatsApp messages. And much more. You can even integrate your own payment gateway using Paypal or other payment receiving option allowing you to run your WhatsApp Marketing Solutions Business.
  • Conditional Autoresponse System: Let’s say you are a restaurant and you run a campaign to collect responses from your contact list asking about what your users have to say about your restaurant. How will you collect and then auto-reply 100s of customers? Well, we have got you covered. You can define response codes and once anyone replies your messages with those words or codes they will receive an auto-reply from our system.

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WhatsApp Marketing Software

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software

We are proud to announce our new WhatsApp Marketing Software – WhatsApp Bulk Suite

This WhatsApp Marketing Platform allows you to use a simple to setup WhatsApp Panel through which you can send unlimited no. of WhatsApp Messages using our web based WhatsApp Messenger Solution that allows you to apply your WhatsApp marketing strategy in place within all your WhatsApp marketing campaign.

We are limiting this WhatsApp marketing service to a limited no. of people in order to avoid getting mis-used by everyone.

Here are the list of features that our software supports:

  • Unlimited Messages – You can send unlimited no. of customized messages which can be sent using different WhatsApp Senders
  • Multiple Message Types – You can send text messages, image & photograph messages, video messages, GPS Location, and even contact files using our system at one go. Hence, giving you chance to leverage the Bulk WhatsApp Messaging System in much more powerful manner.
  • Add Unlimited Senders – You can add unlimited no. of WhatsApp Numbers i.e. Senders into the system allowing you to message from any number anytime you wish to send the message
  • WhatsApp Inbox Messages – You can access all your replies for your sent WhatsApp Marketing Messages & Broadcast allowing you to see & track response of all your marketing campaigns from all your WhatsApp Numbers added into the system
  • WhatsApp Contact Groups – You don’t need to get confused about which contact to message & which group of contacts which needs to be sent special messages. Hence, we have built this contact management feature which allows you to categorize all your contacts based on groups. You can tag/edit/shift contacts according to your requirements
  • Customized Contact Messaging – You can modify your message script based on template. So, let’s say you have all the names along with numbers of everyone who needs to be sent these WhatsApp Messages. Now, you can customize each message sent according to the contact’s name! Hence, creating a personalized along with an automated unique message for everyone that you send the message!
  • WhatsApp Reseller Panel & Payment System – You can create sub-accounts, decide what’s the pricing for your WhatsApp Marketing Service and then develop packages which can be sold using your integrated payment gateway integration feature. Allowing you to create resellers and affiliates under you who can start selling there WhatsApp Marketing Solutions in one go.
  • Conditioned Response Messages – You can ask your user for a pre-defined message reply which allows them to either Opt-in or Out of your WhatsApp Contact Groups. Allowing you to keep the messaging safe & more responsive because then you can segment people who are interested in receiving your messages and keep away those who don’t wish to receive your messages. This helps reduce your chance of getting the messages treated as SPAM.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How many numbers can I send WhatsApp Messages on?
    You can send unlimited messages. It’s limited based on the WhatsApp Senders that you add into the system
  2. Is it a self-hosted script? Do you provide the source code?
    Yes, its a self-hosted script which can be hosted on your own server. We provide you the script, installation instruction & a guide.
  3. Can I resell the script?
    No, you cannot resale the script and it only works on one domain per license. If you wish to use on multiple domain or resell then contact us.
  4. Do you provide on going support?
    Yes, we are the quickest & fastest team of people who always keep on upgrading our software. We will provide you support till the time you don’t try to mess with our code. If you do so, we won’t be able to provide any support.
  5. What about updates, upgrades, etc.?
    We keep all our customers informed about any updates that take place. We will also provide you with upgrade & update instructions along with download files to keep up with the updates.


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