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WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

WhatsApp Marketing Plans for Elections & Political Campaigns

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If you are campaigning for a political party in 2015 then WhatsApp is one of the most powerful medium to get your message out to all your potential voters. Being a political candidate you should start using WhatsApp Marketing Software today to start campaigning for your political party.

Our company have been successfully running WhatsApp marketing campaigns for political parties & other election bodies since more then a year now. And we are here to help you take the right decision and helping you scale your campaigns for running election WhatsApp campaign.

There are different ways you can use WhatsApp Marketing. Some of them are:

  1. Start using some WhatsApp Marketing Company which takes the data and message type from you so that you can start sending messages using their WhatsApp marketing services & solutions. This way you can send out text campaigns, image campaigns & video campaigns along with ability to send vCard files where your prospective & interested voters can give you a call & showcase campaign interest & support.
  2. Start using WhatsApp Marketing Software which allows you to run your own WhatsApp Campaign for your elections and helps you send thousands of messages in different formats such as text, audio, video, image & vCard messages after adding WhatsApp Channels also known as WhatsApp registered numbers or Senders. The only limitation is you have to buy WhatsApp Channels in bulk so that you can start using these WhatsApp registered number in this software to send WhatsApp messages.Advantage to using a WhatsApp Marketing Software is that you have full control over your messaging. You can start & stop your campaigns anytime. You can filter your database and find out how many users are active users and only send messages on those numbers. You can even send future dated messages so that your message always stays on top of WhatsApp chat conversations on the WhatsApp users phone. Unlike, WhatsApp marketing companies who charge you cheaply for WhatsApp marketing messages and then do lead shedding to maximum their profits. Using your own software make your campaigns secure & protected with trust that you are sending your messages 100%.
  3. Start using WhatsApp Marketing Web-Based Panels – WhatsApp Panels are similar to WhatsApp Marketing Software which are available to run via web servers. You will have a self-hosted script and again have to add WhatsApp numbers into the system in order to run your campaigns. WhatsApp Panel are more scalable since its web based. But, more risky because you don’t have much control over your WhatsApp numbers getting blocked.

We have been pioneer in helping election candidates & their marketing team to help them scale their WhatsApp marketing campaigns. If you wish to reach us out to help you add another dimension into your marketing campaigns. Feel free to reach us on Skype @ bulkwhatsappsender

You can alternatively, call us at +16464480344 (USA) or +442031295601 (UK)

Our team of experts will guide you better in terms of the scalibility you wish to touch and give you honest advice & WhatsApp solutions to succeed in running a effective WhatsApp Marketing Election campaign.

We can provide you with software, tools, services, customized WhatsApp marketing plans, templates, marketing copy, swipe files which have worked in the past, complete A to Z training and much more.
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WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

How To Use WhatsApp for Business Marketing Campaigns

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Most of the businesses these days are aware about SEO, Social Media, PPC & other means of marketing online. Many also tried SMS Marketing to market their business and used it as a very powerful medium to grow their business, generate more revenue and build more profits.

But, I am sure you might not have heard about people leveraging WhatsApp Marketing? Have you?

Yes, WhatsApp marketing is going to be one of the most emerging marketing tool in the coming age. We can boast about making this claim and we know that once we make you understand how powerful this medium is if utilized in a strategic way, you will also agree.

But, how do you use WhatsApp Marketing to market your products & services? I am sure if you start thinking about the ideas of how you can leverage WhatsApp marketing for business then many things will come to your mind. Being part of one of leading edge companies who have successfully provided WhatsApp Marketing Tools, WhatsApp Marketing Software, WhatsApp Marketing Solutions and WhatsApp Marketing Services to our clients across the world. We have developed strategic marketing strategy for WhatsApp. We have helped our clients improve conversions, improve effectiveness, and help make more profits at the same time create better relationships with their prospects & clients.

We have seen so many different industries, different businesses, and different types of marketing campaigns being run & become successful. We have gained perspectives which help us understand our clients better and serve them even more.

According to us their are three ways you can market any business:

1. Increase the no. of new clients enter your business

2. Retain & increase the transaction size of your clients & customers.

3. Increase of frequency of transactions & make them do transactions more frequently.

On top of that, in addition:

4. Develop a referral system for your business. Where people start referring your products & services and more about your company to other people.

If your business functions in such a way where you are strategically able to apply all the four ways of marketing your business. We believe you can exceed your revenue, make more contribution, serve more people and at the same time enjoy the freedom & power of a thriving & growing business.

We have dealt with so many different clients from different industries such as:

  • Database Management & Marketing companies selling WhatsApp, Email, SMS & other services.
  • Online marketing companies selling Website Design, SEO, Social Media, Search Marketing and Reputation Management services
  • Restaurants, Bars & Nightclubs promoting their food, music, events, artists, and special offers
  • Salon & Spas increase business on off days and getting rapid growth in client base because of WhatsApp marketing messages
  • Professionals like doctors generating patients leads, real estate brokers, agency, and firms generating buyers leads, lawyers & attorneys getting clients for their practice & other legal services.
  • Mom & Pop shops building more better and personalized relationships with their previous buyers
  • MLM Marketing companies growing their networking business
  • Investment companies finding hot prospects for their investment plans
  • and many many more…

When we think about several implications that you can have using WhatsApp as a marketing tool & a powerful medium. Our mind starts boggling. There are so many ways you can help build better relationship, provide value, and at the same time get more referrals if you utilize WhatsApp as direct marketing to your data of qualified prospects & clients.

Now, you must be wondering…

How To Do Marketing With WhatsApp? Or How To Do Marketing Using WhatsApp?

Well, you can start by using our WhatsApp Marketing Products & Services which are perfect fit depending on the scale of marketing requirements you wish to have.

We have different solutions available for different types of businesses.

For example, if you don’t have a massive amount of database that you want to market your products & services. Then, you can go for our WhatsApp Marketing Service Plans where we provide you with WhatsApp Message Credits which you can utilize for sending text, images, videos messages on WhatsApp. We also have reseller plans of our WhatsApp Marketing Plans which you can use to start selling WhatsApp Marketing Service around your area.

If you do have a huge database to market to. And you want to have a self-hosted solution. We can provide you with our WhatsApp Marketing Script which can be hosted on your own server. You can then scale the solution upto any extent according to your requirements.

We also provide a Desktop based WhatsApp Marketing Software with the name WhatsApp Bulk Sender which you can run on your Windows based Desktop PC or Laptop. Through which you can add multiple WhatsApp Channels into the software which allows you to send WhatsApp messages and also has options to filter WhatsApp numbers, check last seen status of WhatsApp users, and also check responses of your messaging in which you reply to each of your prospects with the respect WhatsApp Sender IDs.

Now, which solution is actually best for you depends on your uses & the way you wish to market using WhatsApp.

Do you want to start using WhatsApp for marketing your business? Do you want to kickstart your WhatsApp marketing plan? Are you looking for WhatsApp Marketing Platform? Or Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Service? Or Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software?

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Let our team help you out to take the best suited decision. You can comment below or fill out the form here.

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